Landscape Lighting Focal Points How To Make Them Pop


Landscape Lighting Focal Points How To Make Them Pop

Landscape Lighting Planning:

When planning your landscape lighting there are so many things to consider. Outdoor lighting has come a long way from just the simple considerations like lighting your front door with a porch light. There are safety concerns. There are also security concerns. Now there are ways to illuminate outdoor living spaces for continuing your fun with family and friends later into your warm Raleigh nights. Do you want to just light up the area or do you want to really make your landscape lighting pop?


When thinking about your outdoor lighting needs there are hardscape fixtures, accent lights, LED tape lighting, path lighting, down lighting, and even submersible lights! With all of those choices, it can be confusing to pick the best ones for so many various purposes. landscape-lighting-expertsAt Lighting Designs, that’s what we do. We have the know how to not just light up your outdoors but to make it very aesthetically pleasing.

Safety Is Key:

Yes, for safety’s sake you want your landscape lighting to light up walkways and paths, but you don’t want to light up every square inch of the sidewalk! Yes, for security’s sake you want to illuminate the doors and windows of your home, but you don’t want it light the whole house! And, yes you want to light up your outdoor living space but you don’t want to light up every tree and piece of yard art. You could just buy a couple dozen floodlights to accomplish all of that. But how would it look?


We suggest lighting up walkways and paths, you can set your path lights about ten feet apart. This provides enough light to see if there are obstacles in the path and gently guides your guests along the way to go. For security lighting, consider wall wash lighting. Placed about two feet from the wall and spaced about eight feet apart, they cast a smooth even light across the area providing beauty as well as security. Those in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area know we love our outdoor living spaces for cookouts with family and friends.

landscape lighting-professionals

In these areas you can use LED lighting to provide ambient light where your living space is, but by also using focal point lighting, you can also give the appearance of an expanded living space by lighting the underside of plant foliage and choosing a few focal points such as a few trees or large bush to illuminate. If you have a pond or fountain you could use a submersible light to make it a focal point. For your front yard, you can give your Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill home some real curb appeal pop by choosing a few focal points like trees or architectural features to illuminate; you will be the envy of the neighborhood!!!


These are just a few ideas on how knowing the right type of light, what to light, and how to light it can not only accomplish your outdoor lighting needs but can really give your outdoor landscape beautiful. Don’t get frustrated trying to figure it out on your own, let the experts at Lighting Designs design, install and maintain your outdoor lighting space. If you are in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill area give us a call to discuss how we can help enhance your home and outdoor living space.

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