Lighting Designs Support Local Lighting Products

Lighting Designs Support Local Lighting Products

At Lighting Designs, we pride ourselves on being a local lighting products manufacturer and service provider. That means we source as many of our products and services from other local North Carolina businesses. So you can be sure that the money you invest in your home supports local North Carolina businesses and local North Carolina working families.


Modern Exterior Lighting

We buy locally with North Carolina-made, low-voltage lighting products by Greensboro-based ClaroLux® Landscape Lighting, which was recently featured on our local Fox8 network news. Lighting Designs utilizes ClaroLux’s high-quality, professional-grade lighting elements made right here in the Triad. So your lighting dollars support a Greensboro-based business and local working families.



Other manufacturers may claim that their lighting products are made in the United States, but they are actually buying (sometimes inferior) parts from an overseas manufacturer and just assembling them here. That’s not real local lighting products made in the USA.


ClaroLux’s outdoor lighting products are both made and assembled at their Greensboro manufacturing facility. And since our lighting components are sourced locally, they are readily available for installations when we need them. We don’t have to wait for parts or lighting components to arrive in an overseas shipment.


In our experience, ClaroLux’s skilled workers make the best product in the business. Instead of using cast metal, they machine their parts from solid bar stock lights that are designed and built to last a lifetime. And their lighting products use LED, energy-efficient bulbs that will save you money through fewer replacement products and less maintenance over time. It’s really the best of both worlds.



ClaroLux uses only the best materials available to withstand weathering from both rust and corrosion. All of their landscape lighting fixtures are built to last and can tolerate the various elements associated with North Carolina’s outdoor landscapes. Your landscape lighting products are truly designed to last for many years to come.


Want to find out more about ClaroLux and their outdoor lighting products? Watch the full Fox8 News feature about ClaroLux here.

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