Outdoor Safety Lighting that Adds Curb Appeal

Outdoor Safety Lighting that Adds Curb Appeal

Have you ever arrived at a friend’s house and found yourself fumbling through the darkness to get to the front door? It’s definitely not fun. And it can even be a recipe for an injury, a health care bill or a potential lawsuit.


A well-planned lighting design can make your home’s exterior much safer and easier to navigate for your guests. Whether they’re arriving at your doorstep to come inside or staying for a backyard get-together, you’ll want to ensure every guest’s safety while they are on your property.


At Lighting Designs, we create outdoor lighting plans at every budget level. Our lighting plans will enhance the beauty of your home and keep your visitors safe at night. We have created lighting design plans for small cottages, large estates, and everything in between. Sometimes just a few well-placed lights may be all that you need. Or you may need a more detailed plan to accommodate all uses and areas of your property.


Outdoor lighting can be added to your home to highlight and add safety to the following areas:

  • Elevation changes
  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Steps
  • Trees

Elevation changes, such as sloped areas or transitions from the driveway to lawn, and brick or stone pathways are areas where people often trip and fall. Front steps can also create a fall hazard if not lit properly, and overhanging branches can be a nuisance at night.


The Moonlight Effect


At Lighting Designs, we incorporate what’s called the Moonlight Effect into every lighting plan. We’ll create a natural lighting look that imitates the natural light from the moon—no duller and no brighter. It’s the Moonlight Effect that creates the most graceful shadows and beautiful highlights both on your home and around your property.


Various light fixtures and a timing mechanism can be combined to create warm white light where you want it and when you want it:

  • Highlight trees
  • Uplighting
  • Downlighting
  • Focal points
  • Add beauty
  • Increase function

Strategically placed lights will also add desired nighttime curb appeal to your home. We can place lighting to enhance both the architectural details and landscape features of your home. And we can place path lighting and step lighting that create a warm, pleasing effect.


An investment in an outdoor lighting plan can boost the value of your home. Let’s face it… if you arrive at a home that’s for sale and see the gorgeously lit exterior, you’re going to pay more for that home—hands down. So not only will your guests appreciate strategic footpath lighting, your neighbors will also appreciate the beauty of your home at night. And you’ll appreciate the increased value that outdoor lighting by Lighting Designs will bring to your home.


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